"To my mind GRIDMOVES is a breakthrough concept in personal development. It offers participants a unique and satisfying opportunity to explore their own personalities and traits, and to identify their own strengths and weaknesses. From this self-perception comes a programmed growth in personal confidence and life-skills, individually tailored, and all set within an ultra-cool, fun and safe online environment. GRIDMOVES is definitely heading for the stratosphere!"

Robin Wade - Literary Agent


"Gridmoves is personal development for the 21st century. It is what the industry has needed for a long time.  The principles, habits, and behaviours that create a great life and a happy, confident individual, do not change. But here, the packaging of these messages into a fun, alternative reality, gamified system, has delivered these fundamentals in a way that is accessible to a generation that desperately needs them. Perhaps more so than any generation ever before. I for one can't wait to get stuck in!" 

Karen - Entrepreneur and Author




"It is virtually impossible to grab my attention. Well done Gridmoves, you have awakened me!  For those that know me (and my dreams); I have little patience for nonsense and previously had actively avoided engaging - or tried and lost interest quickly in other similar projects.  I am therefore rarely excited by the launch of such ideas, but, the Gridmoves concept has inspired me…..ME!!!

Gridmoves provides things I didn't even know I was looking for.  I am incredibly eager to get fully ‘on the grid’ and see how I can further evolve. I can already feel that my life will soon have new horizons." 

Melissa - Medical Doctor 


"The notion of being "entertained" is widely accepted as a medium enabling individuals to switch OFF from their circumstances, providing escapism.
Gridmoves as a concept turns this on its head. Allowing you to plug in and escape INTO your reality. Exacting change without chore

#changewithoutchore #productiveentertainment #plugintoyourreality #escapeintoyourreality #switchonyourreality"

Toni - Midwife




I’m a bit of a dreamer and rarely follow through on my dreams. Since joining Grid Society, it has allowed me to grow in confidence and also helped me focus on what is really important to me. 
Some of the benefits for being ON THE GRID have included changing my mindset, helping me to become more confident, learning not to be a people pleaser.

I also successfully changed my job role and I am really happy and doing much better in this new role.

I feel all changes have been a direct result of being part of Grid Society.Thank you to the Grid for helping me work out what’s important for me."

Ads- Business Development Manager


"I would consider myself  experienced at a number of self-development tools and have completed numerous courses over the years. Yet, Grid Society has resulted in me being reignited with enthusiasm in a number of key areas of my life; I am challenging current goals and objectives with zeal.

Gridsociety has the ability to positively impact lives of children, youth, adults, parents, patients, companies, educational establishments of all levels and can impact people internationally."


CEO- Louise